Bachelor of Commerce (Advertising, Sales Promotion, Sales Management)






B.Com (Advertising, Sales Promotion, Sales Management)*

The demand for both products and services depend on various market conditions including competition, capital and communication. Through ‘communication’ a company can make the prospects/customers aware of its product/service attributes. Advertising and Public Relations play a vital role in fulfilling this ‘communication’ aspect. In this context, B.Com (Advertising, Sales Promotion, Sales Management) aims at equipping students with finer nuances of Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Sales force Management. This program enables the students to develop skills required for job/vocation in advertising, personal selling and salesmanship. On the other hand, a student also will be equipped with skills required to motivate and train the sales force and enhance their productivity.

I Year

Semester I

Environmental Studies


Second Language

Financial Accounting – I

Business Economics

Business Organization

Information Technology

Semester II

Gender Sensitisation

English – II

Second Language – II

Financial Accounting – II

Fundamentals of Advertising

Principles of Management

Foreign Trade

II Year

Semester III

Principles of Insurance


Second Language

Advanced Accounting

Income Tax-I

Business Statistics-I

Media Management

Semester IV

Practice of Life Insurance


Second Language

Corporate Accounting

Income Tax-II

Business Statistics-II

International Advertising

III Year

Semester V

Practice of General Insurance

Cost Accounting

Business Law

Banking Theory & Practice

Computerised Accounting

Generic Elective – I

Brand Management

Media Research & Planning

Semester VI

Regulation of Insurance Business

Managerial Accounting

Company Law

Financial Institutions & Markets

Commerce Lab

Copy Writing of Management

Generic Elective – II